1 You are the project manager for a project, and your team members have a dual reporting structure. In addition to reporting to you, they also report to their functional manager. The team members are also expected to do the project work along with their department work. In which form of organization are you working?
2 Which of the following statements is true? Pick the best answer
3 A project manager, James is working in a weak matrix organization and plays the role of communication coordinator with some power to make decisions. He reports to a higher-level manager. Which of the following roles is he probably in?
4 Which of the following statements is NOT true about a product lifecycle?
5 An organization aims to increase performance by aligning goals and subordinate objectives on all the projects running throughout the organization. For this purpose, the project manager gets strong inputs to identify their project objectives, time lines for completion, and so on. The organization then periodically evaluates the project with respect to these objectives and takes corrective actions when necessary. What is this management philosophy called?
6 A firm providing outsourced product development facilities wants to implement a new business process which aims to improve customer satisfaction and retention. It has identified a task team with an objective to introduce and train the employees on the new process and improvise until the customer satisfaction index increases by 15%. What can this entire exercise be best classified as?
7 Which of the following statements is NOT true about a Project Management Office (PMO)?
8 A manager is managing a collection of projects that are grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives. The manager is called a:
9 A project manager is mainly responsible for the coordination of activities, resources, equipment, and information on the project. His authority is limited, and he has to negotiate with the functional manager to get suitable resources for his project. In which organization is the project manager probably working?
10 A project manager is participating in studying the project contract and going through the narrative description of products and services to be supplied under the contract. He is also meeting key stakeholders and subject matter experts to evaluate if the project is worth the required investment. Which of the following documents would be created as an output in this process?
11 A key responsibility of the project manager is to ensure proper assimilation of the project management processes and coordinate the process phases through the project management cycle. This ensures that all areas of the project come together to deliver the project to a successful conclusion. This involves balancing the basic aspects of scope, cost, and schedule, in addition to managing quality, communication, and customer satisfaction. The role of a project manager can be best described as:
12 A project manager has invited key stakeholders and team members to the first meeting of the project. The agenda of the meeting is to outline the project goals and objectives, as well as project success criteria. The project manager also plans to discuss the individual roles and responsibilities, along with the commitments of the stakeholders. What is this activity known as?
13 You are a project manager in the early phase of estimating the cost of the project. You use the analogous method of estimating and have come up with a rough order of magnitude. While presenting it to your sponsor and stakeholders, one of the stakeholders asks if you have also done life cycle costing of the project. What is your BEST response as a credible Project Manager?
14 You are managing a complex project which requires some highly skilled resources on embedded design. You obtain these resources from the organization pool. You specify the duration for which they would be required. Once your project activity is complete, you need to free these resources for reassignment. You are working in which kind of organization structure?
15 A project manager is visualizing, analyzing, and solving the complexity of a problem to make the decision of selecting a project. Which of the following techniques is he using?
16 A hospital is installing a new hospital management system to enable IT hospital functioning. For this purpose, representatives from several departments are selected to create a task force assigned to implement the project. What is this organization structure called?
17 You are a project manager on a highly visible and critical project in your company. This project was initiated with much fanfare, and you have some of the best technical experts as a part of the project team. You are in the planning process and detailing the scope of the project when you hear that the project is being terminated. What could be the MOST likely cause for this step?
18 A pharmaceutical company wants to launch a new over-thecounter medication for flu in the U.S. market. The project manager is identifying project communication constraints. Which of the following is NOT a valid constraint?
19 You are a project manager who is assigned to take over a project from another project manager who is leaving the company. The old project manager tells you that he had to constantly push the team to perform so that the project is on schedule. What is your first step as the new project manager?
20 The previous project manager managed your project without much project organization. There is a lack of management control and there are clearly no defined project deliverables. Which of the following would be the best choice for getting your project better organized?
21 John has participated in developing a project charter for his project. However, he is unable to get senior management to approve the charter. The senior management does not mind starting off the project without a charter. What should John do in such a situation?
22 A new project manager has just been assigned to a project that is in progress. The project is two weeks behind schedule and the members are about to be distributed to another project. Based on original time estimates that are provided by the functional manager, what is the initial step the project manager should take?
23 You have never managed a project before. Recently, you are asked to plan a new project. During the planning, which of the following would you rely on to improve your chances of success?
24 A project manager and his team have finished creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Work Breakdown Structure dictionary. The project manager then prepares a detailed and itemized documentation of all the schedule activities that are part of a particular project. What should the Project Manager do NEXT?
25 A project manager is using an S-curve to reflect the various expenditures of resources over the projected time of the project. This S-curve indicates that:
26 Quality management plan and quality standards are defined based on:
27 A project team has just been provided a charter and has identified the stakeholders for a project. It is about to start planning. Which process is the most logical starting point for the planning activities?
28 A project manager is in the process of developing a detailed description of a project by identifying project deliverables and work required to create those deliverables. Which of the following will NOT be an input to this process?
29 A project manager is creating a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with the project team. One of the senior members suggests that he wouldn't be able to create a detailed WBS for one of the deliverables which is planned after system testing. What should be the response of the project manager?
30 A project manager is in the process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create an approved project schedule. What should the project manager do NEXT?
31 As a project manager, you are estimating the duration of your project activities using PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique). For a particular project activity, your optimistic estimate is 41 days, pessimistic estimate is 89 days, and most likely estimate is 60 days. What would be the expected duration and range of the estimate for this activity?
32 As a project manager, you are determining the resource requirements for a project including human, equipment, and tool resources. Which of the following activities would NOT be a part of this process?
33 A project activity has values for the earliest and latest it can start, along with the earliest and latest it can be completed. Activity A has a Late Start (LS) of 5 days and a Late Finish (LF) of 10 days. It also has an Early Start (ES) of 3 days and an Early Finish (EF) of 8 days. What is the float of activity A?
34 A project team is working on defining and sequencing activities of a project. They have identified the predecessors and successors for all the major milestone activities. The team has also documented the detailed scope of work for each activity, so that there is no ambiguity. They are now applying lead, lag, and mandatory dependencies to obtain a realistic project schedule, so they can start tracking. What could be a major problem on this schedule?
35 A project team has created a comprehensive list of schedule activities that are required on the project, along with other details like activity codes and activity descriptions. They have also sequenced them using logical relationships, leads, lags, and constraints. What should the project team do NEXT?
36 A project manager is working with stakeholders to develop an acceptable schedule and uses an iterative approach along with the critical path method to derive the optimum schedule which would be used as a baseline to track and control the project schedule. Identify the part of the process groups the project manager is in.
37 Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about the critical path method?
38 A project team is in the process of creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project deliverables as well as defining activities to be performed to produce the deliverables. What is a common technique it can use for this purpose?
39 Your new project for constructing a dam is in the early planning stages. Customers ask you to give a high-level estimate of the total duration of the project as soon as possible. Which estimation technique would be most suitable?
40 You are managing a project which will provide e-learning solutions to your customer. The requirements of this project are not clearly defined in the beginning and there will be modifications based on customer feedback as the project evolves. You plan as much as you can and work based on that. You continue the planning as you learn more about the project. Which techniques will be most helpful to define activities on the project?
41 You are creating a network diagram for your project. Activity A (6 days) and Activity B (4 days) can start immediately. Activity C (5 days) can start after Activity B is complete. Activity D (4 days) and Activity F (2 days) can start after Activity A is complete. Activity E (4 days) can start after Activity C and Activity D are complete. Activity G (5 days) can start after Activity D and Activity F are complete. When Activity E and Activity G are completed, the project is done. What is the slack of Activity E?
42 A project manager wants to determine the variance for an activity estimate using the three-point estimate with the following data: Pessimistic=14, Optimistic=2, and Realistic=5. What is the variance?
43 A project team is working on the network diagram of a project and wants to determine the float of the project activity. Which of the following is the correct formula?
44 As a project manager, you are working with your team to explore alternatives to decrease the cost of a project without compromising on performance or the scope of the project. Which technique are you most probably using?
45 You are in the final stages of determining your cost baseline for the project and funding requirements. Which process are you in?
46 You are in the initial stages of a project and your sponsor asks for a cost estimate. You find a similar project was done in the past by the organization and compare it with your current project. You also get the opinions of experts to derive the estimate. Which method was used to derive the estimates?
47 Which of the following are the MOST important inputs to derive the total funding requirements and periodic funding requirements of a project?
48 Which of the following statements regarding analogous estimation is INCORRECT?
49 A project manager has derived quality metrics, along with tolerance limits for his project. Which process is the project manager in?
50 A project manager wants to capture the details of the activities he will be doing to enhance the value of the process. This includes process objectives, inputs, outputs, interfaces with other processes, and process metrics. Which of the following documents would be MOST helpful?
51 Which of the following statements is correct?
52 A project manager wants to determine the number and types of tests for a project. He is using a statistical method to identify the factors that may influence specific variables of the project, so he can select applicable test scenarios. Which technique is the project manager using ?
53 The method of examining work or a product to determine whether it conforms to documented standards is known as:
54 A project manager is in the project planning phase. He is creating a plan to describe how human resource requirement on the project would be met and using a bar chart tool called resource histogram for charting this requirement. However, he notices that some of the individual bars on the resource histogram extend beyond the maximum allowed hours. What should the project manager do to correct this?
55 A project manager in a warehousing company is mapping resources required for a project, along with the number of hours that will be required during the project. Which tool would be most suitable for this purpose?
56 You are managing a project with project teams in different geographical locations. There are approximately 25 team members in 3 different locations each being led by a team lead. In addition, there are 3 members from supporting groups working part-time on the project. How many communication channels are possible?
57 As part of a joint venture, a project manager working with another company needs to share some confidential information related to intellectual property rights. She wants to know the person responsible for authorizing the release of this confidential information. Which project document should she refer?
58 A project manager on an e-learning project is using free downloadable tutorials via the Internet to reach out to large audiences. What is this communication method called?
59 You are a project manager with a financial firm that has multinational dealings. You feel the financial meltdown in one of the client countries could affect your project adversely, so you want to hedge your risks. Although, the probability of occurrence of the event is low, you are advised to play it safe. In terms of risk attitude, your organization could BEST be described as:
60 You are a project manager currently finding all of the risks on a project. As a part of this activity, you would like to know the risk attitude and organization policies and procedures for risk management. Which of the following should you refer for this purpose?
61 Which of the following is a tool to perform qualitative risk analysis process?
62 A project manager is in the process of evaluating and prioritizing risks on the project by calculating the Risk Priority Number (RPN) for the risks. Which of the following factors will a Risk Priority Number consider?
63 You are a Project Manager who manages a large software project. It has a month-long design phase in which the team would be preparing the design documents for independent project modules. The activity review for these modules can begin 15 days after starting the design phase. The 15 days' difference between the start of the design phase and the start of the review activity shows _____ between the two activities.
64 The estimating technique that uses the statistical relationship between the historical data and other variables to calculate an estimate for an activity is called:
65 Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a fixed price contract?
66 A project manager is trying to successfully complete a project, but his role in the organization is limited and the project manager has no control over the project's budget. Although he has some power to authorize decisions, he needs to seek approval on most of the major decisions. Also, his team members work only part-time on the project. The functional manager is interested to carry out functional activities than project activities. In which kind of organization does the project manager work?
67 You are in the process of implementing approved changes, corrective actions, preventive actions, and defect repairs on a project. Which process group are you in?
68 A key stakeholder from the quality department wants to know more on how the process tailoring was done on the project by the project team. Additionally, he would like to know the rationale for selecting the process, its implementation-level details, and how it will be used to manage the interdependencies. Which document should the Project Manager suggest him to refer?
69 You are a project manager working in a weak matrix organization. Your project is in the execution stage when the functional manager informs you that he will be pulling out a few critical resources. How should you respond to this situation?
70 A project manager realizes that a lot of time and effort are spent by their team capturing the data during product testing. What is the best option to address the issue?
71 A customer who is in the latter part of the project execution wants to add scope to the project. The project manager discusses this change with the customer and raises a written change request. He then evaluates if this change can be addressed through project reserves and explores alternatives. The project manager finds that this addition would result in missing the next milestone delivery of the project. What should the project manager do NEXT?
72 You are a project manager for a project in the execution stage. The current Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) for the project are 1.2 and 1.1. The project performance is well within the baseline. The defects found during the internal testing for the last deliverable were well below organization limits. However, the customer does not seem to be happy with the project's progress. What should be the FIRST thing the Project Manager does?
73 Which of the following subsidiary plans manages the flow of information to keep stakeholders engaged and informed?
74 You are a project manager who takes over a project midway. The project is in the execution phase. You would like to know more about project deliverables, the work required to complete those deliverables, project constraints, and assumptions. Which of the following documents would be MOST useful?
75 A project manager is working on a critical deadline. He wants to ensure that there is no scope creep during the project work. Which of the following would be most helpful?
76 A project manager has some new members join in her team. She wants to help them see their roles and provide the project team with an understanding of where their work packages fit in the project management plan. Which of the following would be the most suitable document?
77 You are managing a large and changing project team which is joined by some new members. You would like to take the entire team through the project schedule and where the project currently stands with respect to the original plan. Which of the following charts would be most helpful?
78 You are a project manager evaluating a decision to buy a licensed software tool. This tool has a 50% chance of being successfully implemented in your company and would cost $50,000. However, there is a 40% chance that your company would be able to save $150,000 due to improved productivity. What is the expected monetary value of this decision?
79 As a project manager of a research project which is in the middle of the execution, you realize that your original estimates were flawed and are no longer valid. Which formula would help you develop a forecasted Estimate to Completion (EAC)? Here, AC is Actual Cost, EV is Earned Value, ETC is Estimate to Complete, CPI is Cost Performance Index, and BAC is Budget at Completion.
80 As a manager, you would like to get the status on funds for the remaining work. Which of the following measurements will give you this information?
81 You are a project manager in a manufacturing company. You want to analyze the output of a production line which manufactures piston rings. You also want to determine whether the variations in the jobs are inherent to the process or if the process needs adjustment. Which tool would be MOST useful?
82 You are a project manager and your team is preparing for the internal quality audit cycle. You feel that the team is a little apprehensive about the audit process, so you decide to give them an overview of the process. Which of the following is INCORRECT about quality audits?
83 Your project is going through an audit cycle when one of the senior auditors points out the target value for the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is set too low and should be increased by at least five percent. You try to tell him that the target value follows the organization baseline and cannot be changed. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement in this case?
84 You are a firm believer in process, and you want to follow the best practices on your project right from the beginning. You understand the importance of having a formal kick-off meeting to launch the project with all your key stakeholders (including the customer). However, you are worried about the behavior of some of your team members. In the last internal meeting, there was utter chaos with the speaker shouting to be heard while others kept talking amongst themselves ignoring the speaker. What is the BEST strategy to use to avoid this situation in the kick-off meeting?
85 Which of the following subsidiary plans maintains stakeholder relationships to receive continued support and manage expectations?
86 As a project manager, you decide to create an issue log which captures the issue description, owner, and target date for issue closure. All of the following are common examples of issues on the project EXCEPT:
87 As a project manager in a matrix project environment, you have limited control over team member selection. Which tools and techniques would NOT be helpful for the selection?
88 A project manager likes to involve his team in all the decisionmaking processes. Whenever there are issues which require an urgent decision, he calls the team to work out a solution together. This approach of the project manager is:
89 A project manager working in a matrix project environment feels there is some discontent in the team members related to their dual reporting and the role of the project manager on the project. The project manager wants to communicate with the team to clarify their doubts. What is the BEST form of communication for addressing this problem?
90 A project manager assigned to an Information Technology project has a long and thorough discussion on a complex algorithm with a new team member. The project manager asks the person if he understood the algorithm and can put it in the document. The team member implies that he has understood. However, when the project manager goes through the document, he realizes that the member hasn't understood the algorithm and has resulted in an inefficient use of time. Who is responsible for this loss of time and how could it have been avoided?
91 A multinational project team of 10 is in the late planning stage. Five people join the team from another geographical location to provide R and D support on the project. What do you think would be the BIGGEST challenge the project manager faces ?
92 A key stakeholder of the project when contacted for a requirements document approval shows disinterest. The project manager decides to have a friendly, informal discussion with him to understand the reason for his attitude. During one of the conversations, the stakeholder expresses his displeasure with the fact that his two key suggestions were not addressed in the project. He also felt his approval and feedback don't matter since his main requirements were not being captured. What is the best option for the project manager in this case?
93 A key stakeholder expresses his concern over the lack of project visibility and progress. He says that he has seen the project status reports, but most of the time they lack information relevant to his department. How should the project manager respond?
94 In one of the project status reports, two senior team members get into an argument regarding the introduction of a new tool that automates the process of filling out time sheets. What would provide you maximum insight into the conversation from the following?
95 A CEO from his Paris office wishes to communicate with the technical officer in China. What would be the correct procedure?
96 As a project manager, you are worried about the continuous bad performance of one of the team members. You have spoken to him over coffee, but there seems to be no improvement. What is the MOST suitable way to communicate your dissatisfaction?
97 A buyer has distributed a document to buy cement for his construction company and in response received several price quotations. Which of the procurement documents has the buyer used?
98 Which of the following is NOT an input to the process manage stakeholder expectations?
99 A project manager knows that managing the expectations of stakeholders helps to increase the probability of project success by ensuring that stakeholders understand the project benefits and risks. For this process, he could use all the following tools and techniques EXCEPT:
100 Which of the following factors is NOT part of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
101 Which of the following is a tool for the quality assurance process?
102 You are a project manager working on a compliance project in a banking firm. The project is scheduled to complete in six weeks from now. Your sponsor tells you that if the project finishes sooner, the company can get some monetary incentives offered by the government. Therefore, you decide to fast track the project. This decision would:
103 You are a project manager on a software development project. You have outsourced a component of your product to a third-party vendor which is due to be delivered next week. You found out that the delivery of the component may be delayed due to political unrest in the vendor's location. What is the BEST you can do in this situation?
104 A project manager wants to award a contract to the same supplier from his previous project without going through the entire procurement process. Which of the following would NOT be a valid justification?
105 You are a project manager in the process of purchasing coal which is a standard commodity of a particular grade from the international market. You are going through a formal evaluation review process to select the most suitable vendor. Which of the following should be the MOST important criterion for selection?
106 A project manager is conducting a bidder conference to select the most suitable sellers. Which tool will NOT be helpful in the process?
107 You are in the final stages of negotiation with a seller to provide a medical device for your research lab. When the pricing is almost finalized, you mention that it is mandatory that the device carry an approval from the FDA USA (Food and Drug Administration). Which technique in negotiation are you using?
108 After awarding a contract to one of the sellers, you realize you have missed a clause for delay in the contract and want to modify it. How should you proceed?
109 You have recently joined a new construction company, and you find out your employer is violating the construction permit issued by the local city government. What should you do?
110 As a project manager, you understand the importance of effective communication with stakeholders. You want to present the project progress report to the stakeholders in the next project meeting. What should be your approach?
111 You are managing a complex and critical project. There have been a lot of efforts to train and make the team technically competitive during the process. The project is in the final testing stage when a senior resource comes to discuss his plans of continuing his education and leaving this assignment. He would require a positive recommendation from you to fulfill admission requirements. What should you do?
112 As a project manager of a construction project, you are inviting requests for proposal from eligible vendors. While going through the list, you find the name of your friend and ex-colleague from university. He was a methodical and sharp student who excelled in his subjects. What should you do?
113 As a project manager, you have a large team reporting to you with two members working on a particular technology for the first time. You had apprehensions in the beginning of the project that they would not be able to contribute as much due to the technical complexity of the project. However, you spent time and gave them the required training. During the assessment, you find some areas which still require improvement. What should be your next plan?
114 You are trying to partner with a firm in the Middle East. This is the first time you will be doing a business partnership in the Middle East. You want to know about the cultural aspects of the country and get some guidelines on doing business as well. Which would be the best document to refer to?
115 During project execution, the customer interprets a clause in the contract differently and demands an elaborate design document as part of the next deliverable. This was included on the deliverable list. What is the best you can do to resolve the situation?
116 You are managing a software project which is due for a design document release next week. You are reviewing the document, when an influential stakeholder asks you to add a feature to the existing design. Earlier, this stakeholder tried to bother you with unreasonable demands during the last days of the release. What is the best you can do in this situation?
117 You have signed a contract with a customer and started the process of collecting requirements when the customer asks you to add a feature which is not in the scope of the contract. What should you do in this case?
118 You are working at a customer location in a foreign country where it is customary to exchange gifts during their New Year celebrations. Your company forbids you from accepting any form of gifts from your customer, but you have a strong feeling that if you refuse to accept and reciprocate the gesture, it can severely affect your relationship with the customer. In this case, it is BEST to:
119 Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a configuration management system?
120 Capture, analyze, and manage lessons learned using lessons learned management techniques to enable continuous improvement. To which process group does this task belong?
121 A project manager is facing many serious issues on his project to create an application for a hospital management system. The project's final deliverable is scheduled two weeks from now. It needs to be compliant with mandatory government health standards. Additionally, there are some changes that are required to improve performance. Also, a senior test engineer asks the project manager for a long leave. Which is the most critical issue the project manager needs to address FIRST?
122 A project manager working on an iterative model of the product development life cycle expects many changes during the course of the project. He wants to establish a robust configuration management and also make his team aware of the process. Which of the following statements is NOT true about configuration management?
123 A Project Manager has made a major release in the project. The customer tells you a week after the release that he is not entirely satisfied with the deliverable. What should the project manager do NEXT?
124 After an intermediate delivery was made, an important stakeholder from the customer organization expressed dissatisfaction with it. What should the project manager do?
125 Your project is in the final stages of testing, and the team is interacting with the customer on a daily basis to update him on the project status and incorporate his feedback. Which of the following is the most critical process to be followed in this scenario?
126 A customer approaches the project manager to slightly modify the project scope to include an additional feature required by him. The project is already in the execution stage. What should be the response of the project manager?
127 A project manager is proactively managing a change through the scope control process. Which of the following should she be MOST worried about?
128 You are a project manager working on a critical project. You track the project schedule closely. While reviewing the critical path, you realize that the project is showing negative float. What should be your BEST response to the situation?
129 As a project manager and a member of the PMO (Project Management Office) you want to present a snapshot of the status of various projects taking place in the organization to the senior management. Which of the following charts would be most suitable for the purpose?
130 You are a project manager managing a construction project which is midway through the execution phase. The project is progressing well and is on time when one of the vendors informs you that there will be a weeklong delay in his delivery due to a law and order problem in his city. Which of the following documents would best capture the impact of the delay on the project?
131 You are managing an e-banking solution project when the vicepresident of the company calls you to discuss an opportunity to manage a critical project which can boost your career and professional experience. Your e-banking solution project is due to complete in 3 weeks. What is your best response to the vicepresident?
132 As a project manager, you have been asked by the customer to give an overview of the project status using milestone charts. Which of the following statements are INCORRECT about milestone charts?
133 You are managing an infrastructure project which is nearing completion when a major stakeholder points out a flaw in the design which could make the entire structure weak. He suggests that you construct two support pillars. You are worried that this change will significantly impact the schedule and cost of the project. What is your BEST response to the stakeholder?
134 Project performance reviews using earned value management would typically incorporate information from all of the following EXCEPT:
135 As a Project Manager, you realize that the initial budget cost, Budget at Completion (BAC), for your project is no longer viable. You need to develop a new Estimate at Completion (EAC) forecast assuming current variances will continue in the future. Which of the following formulas should you use to calculate EAC? Here, AC is the Actual Cost, EV is the Earned Value, and PV is the Planned value.
136 A project manager wants to measure project performance against the project baseline. Which technique would be MOST helpful?
137 A project team with CPI of 0.78 is looking for options to reduce cost. Which should be the BEST option to choose in this scenario?
138 Your project has the following information based on Earned Value Analysis. Its Earned Value (EV) is $1000, Actual Cost(AC) is $850, and Planned Value(PV) is $1050. Which of the following is TRUE about your project?
139 You are a project manager in an IT company in the final phases of project execution. Your project status is well within budget, and you are almost a week ahead in your schedule. During the final testing phase of the project, you realize that the performance of the product can be increased by almost 20% of the expected value by doing minor code changes in two modules. This change would require an additional 2 days of work. What should you do NEXT?
140 A project manager is going through the defect report for the bugs reported during the testing cycle of a software project. The report has information on the severity of the bugs, origin of the bugs, and possible resolution. Now the project manager wants to prioritize the bug fixing activity by evaluating the most frequent reasons for the defects. Which tools should be used for this purpose?
141 You are managing a critical project with frequent changes in requirement. You are in the testing phase of the project, and the customer has requested an addition of a new feature. You have assessed the impact of the change on the triple constraints with your team. What should be your NEXT step?
142 A software project is in the testing phase and the project manager has found a high number of defects in one particular module. He decides to determine the root cause of this problem by analyzing all the potential causes and grouping them into different categories. Which technique is he using?
143 A project manager notices that a control chart has a group of seven non-random data points in a series between his upper control limit and mean. What does it indicate about the process stability of the project?
144 After a major milestone release, some of the key stakeholders are not happy and complain that their requirements are not met. To ensure their approval for the release, the project manager should have involved them in the process:
145 A project in a large construction company is in chaos. It has already reached the execution phase. The project team is not clear on who oversees the project. Who is the key person responsible for giving clarity to the team?
146 A project manager in an MNC corporation is in the process of collecting, organizing, and disseminating information on how project resources are being used to complete project objectives. In addition, he is collecting information on cost, schedule, and level of quality. He is also going through the influence of risks on project objectives. Which process is the project manager in?
147 A project manager wants to present a project performance report to his management which captures project results over the last 3 years to see if the performance is improving or deteriorating. Which of the following reports should he use?
148 As part of project stage review, you are presenting project performance reports to the stakeholders. The reports show both cost and schedule variances are positive for the project. What does it indicate about the current project status?
149 A project manager is discussing the project management triangle and triple constraints with his team. What three constraints is he referring to in project management terminology?
150 You are a project manager in a manufacturing company, and you want to assess the current quality of your production process. You also want to check if the process is stable over time or if there are any special causes of variation. Which tools would be MOST suitable for this purpose?
151 A project manager shares project performance through status reports via email to all the stakeholders of the project. Which of the following techniques is the PM using?
152 A project team is in the process of tracking risks and control. The risk control actions defined by the mitigation and contingency plans is being implemented in accordance with the details of those plans. Who is responsible for implementing these actions?
153 To which process group does the task "Control procurement activities according to the procurement plan, verify compliance with project objectives." belong to?
154 You are managing a project with a total budget of $36,000 that will be finished in 1 year. You are at the end of the 6th month, and project is on schedule. However, the actual cost of the project is $20,000. What is the cost variance in the project?
155 The difference between the maximum funding and the end of the cost baseline is known as:
156 A project team, during the project execution, has identified new risks as an action item from the risk audit findings. Which part of the risk management process are they in?
157 You are a project manager building a prototype board for an embedded project. Since your organization lacks the required level of fabrication expertise, you outsource the fabrication process for board development to an external vendor. During the course of the project, the vendor informs you of a probable delay by 3 days in the final delivery of the fabricated board. This is an EXAMPLE of:
158 Your firm awarded a cost reimbursable contract to a pharmaceutical company for some research-related activity. Over time, many changes have taken place in the project, and it is difficult to keep track of the status of the change requests. What is the BEST alternative for the project manager in this case?
159 A cost reimbursable contract has an estimated cost of $15,000. If the seller beats the cost, the saving will be shared as follows:75% to the buyer and 25% to the seller. If the actual costs come in at $12,000, what is the final price?
160 As a project manager, you are conducting a structured review of the seller's progress to deliver the project within contract. Your objective is to determine progress with respect to the procurement statement of work. In which stage of the project will you be doing this review?
161 As a project manager, you understand the importance of contract documents and correspondence for future references. Which of the following can be used to manage and store contract and procurement of documents and records?
162 A project's deliverables were accepted by the customer and the contract was closed with all payments successfully completed. The team was released in a hurry as they were to be reassigned to another high-priority project before they could discuss and document the lessons learned. What action should the project manager perform now?
163 A project manager has made the final delivery to the customer, and the team is in the process of completing administrative and contract closure. The team has also completed the final version of lesson learned in the corporate database. Which of the following is a critical activity that the project manager should complete before formally closing the project?
164 A project manager is in the final closure phase of the project. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST as part of the project closure activity?
165 A pharmaceutical company recently terminated a research project as it no longer seems commercially viable for the company. What is the FIRST step the Project Manager should take?
166 Under which process group should documentation of lessons learned occur?
167 You have just started administering a contract when management decides to terminate the contract. What should you do first?
168 The knowledge that the team and stakeholders gain by performing the project is known as:
169 You are a vendor and are discussing project closure with your customer. All of the following would be outputs of closing a project EXCEPT:
170 Which of the following must happen before a project is closed?
171 You are a program manager. Your project manager Lynda wants to leave the project before it gets completed. What will you do?
172 On your current project, you have a good number of subcontractors. You are eager to work with many of them. However, one of them has consistently submitted expensive change orders every week. Now, when you are closing the project what should you do?
173 You have recently attended a talk at your local PMI® chapter on project closure. One of your colleagues wants your counsel to figure out the element that is not a closure activity. What would be your answer?
174 You are good at reviewing and critiquing vendor contracts on your projects. Before closing the project, your supervisor asks you to develop a checklist of topics which need to be discussed with a vendor. Your list may have all of the following EXCEPT:
175 One of your colleagues is not clear about what should be looked at during project closure. Which of the following would NOT be relevant to look at?
176 Your project has faced some unforeseen issues that have caused a delay in your project. However, the project is very critical for the company, and it has to meet the scheduled deadline. To meet the deadline, your team would have to work over the weekends for next two weeks. You know that many of the team members will have some personal commitments and it will be very difficult for them to work for seven consecutive days. What is the BEST option for you?
177 Which of the following quality theorists advocated the popular iterative four-step approach of Plan-Do-Check-Act?
178 After working as a project manager for more than 25 years, you want to share your learning and best practices to your industry. You do this by writing articles in international journals and giving interviews to share your experience. This act can be BEST described as:
179 As a Project Manager, you have to recommend one among the projects A, B, C, and D. Which one would be the BEST option? Here, NPV is Net Present Value
180 As a project manager, you need to estimate the regression testing for your product. You would like to do 5 full testing cycles and each cycle is estimated to be 4 days long. What should be your estimated duration for the testing activity?
181 Identify a statement about the Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM) or Activity-on-Arrow (AOA) that is not true.
182 Which contract types would entail the MOST cost risk for the buyer?
183 The process of comparing actual or planned project practices of a project with those of other projects to generate improvement ideas and a basis for performance measurement is called:
184 You are a project manager managing a software project for your firm. While acquiring the project team, you ask the resource manager to assign the test engineers in the beginning of the project as it would help them gain project insight critical for effective testing. Which kind of project dependency is this an example of?
185 You are working on a project to build a hybrid car which would run on both fuel as well as electricity. This car would have a 1000 cc engine and work on a regenerative braking system. It should be able to seat four passengers including a driver and comply with Euro 4 emission norms. These parameters are described as:
186 You are a project manager managing a project with limited resources. Which schedule network analysis technique would be most useful to modify the project schedule for limited resources?
187 A major stakeholder in a project wants to know his role and responsibility in the scheduling process of the project. He also wants to understand how the schedule baseline is established and which scheduling methodologies are used. Which of the following best provides the information?
188 You are managing a project to build a multi-storey complex in your city. You are waiting for the clearance to start construction of the building. Which kind of dependency is this an example of?
189 A project manager working on a construction project identifies a risk of heavy storms in the coming months which might affect the construction activity. However, he doesn't have any reliable information on the weather forecast or the severity of the storm. In this, case what is the BEST the Project Manager can do?
190 A company recently launched a digital instrument in the market which was completely unsuccessful. The company has incurred huge costs in the development of the product including intellectual property, research and development, and patents. All this cost would be termed as _____.
191 A popular Japanese technique which advocates continuous small improvements involving everyone from top management to the lowest level in the organization is called _____.
192 You are a project manager planning to launch a new product in the market. For this purpose, you are analyzing the existing products in the market, preferably the best-in-class firms to understand their best practices. You also compare industry standards for performance metrics including cost, cycle time, productivity, and quality to come up with your own product metrics. Which of the following activities are you doing?
193 A Project Manager is working in a manufacturing company with the centralized contracting department. Who would have the final authority to change the contract in this case?
194 When is the stakeholder's influence in the project MAXIMUM?
195 You are a project manager in a pharmaceutical company and are managing a critical research project for your organization. This project has a high number of stakeholders like the FDA, doctors, and various participating NGOs. You understand that risk management is critical for the success of the project and involve all the stakeholders during the risk identification process. However, only 22 risks are identified, and this is very low for your kind of project. What could be the most plausible reason?
196 You are managing a multinational project with team members across different countries and varying time zones. In this scenario, you wish to choose a communication media which is most efficient to project requirements. What should be the most appropriate way to address this?
197 You are a project manager working with a diverse team in different locations. You have created work packages for your team and have assigned them to team members as part of planning. You are looking for a system which can be used to notify team members that they may begin working on appropriate work packages in the project. Which of the following tools can be helpful?
198 You have taken over as a project manager of a complex and technically challenging project. Your team is from diverse cultures and lacks bonding. You want the team to participate and take ownership of the project activities from day one, as well as understand the big picture of the project. Which of the following activities would be most helpful?
199 What is the topmost source of conflict in a project?
200 You are a project manager working on a strict deadline. You find a work package on the critical path which is highly complex and could delay the final delivery of your product. After consulting your customer, you decide to drop this work package from the project. Which risk response strategies do you use in this case?
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