Q:1-Which of the below mentioned topics is outside the scope of PRINCE2?
Q:2-A PRINCE2 project's continued business justification approved by the project management team members is documented in which management product?
Q:3-The purpose of which plan is to provide a schedule for measuring the achievement of benefits?
Q:4-Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The purpose of the [..?..] theme is to define the structure of accountability and responsibilities on the project.
Q:5-In PRINCE2, according to the organizational theme which management level sits outside the project management team but is responsible for commissioning the project and giving overall direction?
Q:6-According to PRINCE2, which team works independent of Project Management team?
Q:7-What is the primary objective of the Quality Review Technique?
Q:8-Which of the below mentioned plan is created in order to recover from the effect of a tolerance deviation?
Q:9-What levels of plan are recommended by PRINCE2?
Q:10-Identify the missing word in the following statement. The purpose of the [..?..] theme is to identify, assess and control uncertainty and to improve the ability of the project to succeed.
Q:11-Which is recommended as a possible risk for an opportunity?
Q:12-What are the three recommended types of issue?
Q:13-Which project management product is the project diary for the Project Manager and is used to record problems/concerns to be handled informally?
Q:14-What is the purpose of a Checkpoint Report?
Q:15-According to the PRINCE2 progress theme, which management product provides snapshot of the status of products within the project, management stage or a particular area of the project?
Q:16-According to PRINCE2 processes, during which particular process is the outline business case prepared? Mark one answer:
Q:17-What is NOT an objective of the Directing a Project process?
Q:18-Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The [..?..] is an aggregation of many of the management products created during initiation and used to gain authorization for the project to proceed.
Q:19-According to the Initiating a Project process, who from the project management team is responsible to create the Quality management Strategy? Mark one answer:
Q:20-What is the objective of the Controlling a Stage process?
Q:21-What is the purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process?
Q:22-According to PRINCE2 based approach, the Project Manager informs the Project Board of the project progress through which management report during the subsequent delivery stages?
Q:23-Who from amongst the corporate management team is responsible to notify the Corporate or Programme Management that the project has closed?
Q:24-The purpose of which process is to recognise that objectives set out in original Project Initiation Documentation have been achieved and the project has nothing more to contribute?
Q:25-At the end of the project, which management product is used to check whether the project has delivered what was initially expected?
Q:26-Which is one of the six aspects of project performance that needs to be managed?
Q:27-What is the trigger for the Starting up a Project process?
Q:28-Which is a purpose of the Business Case theme?
Q:29-What role is responsible for creating a Team Plan in the Managing Product Delivery process?
Q:30-The incorporation of the primary stakeholders on the project management team supports what principle?
Q:31-What should the Recording Studio Manager do as part of the 'accept a work package' activity for the 'recorded album'?
Q:32-The team manager for the 'signed contracts for delivery channels' is in the process of accepting the work package. The team manager is concerned that the list of quality reviewers included in the product description may not include anyone with the required specialist knowledge. What should the team manager do first?
Q:33-The project is in stage 2. The 'recorded sample songs' have been produced and handed over to the team manager for the focus groups. On the day before the focus group meeting, the team manager discovered that the sound quality of one song was not of the required standard. The team manager spoke to the singer's agent and the singer will attend the focus group meeting and perform the songs. Is this appropriate application of the 'managing product delivery' process, and why?
Q:34-During stage 3, the singer has requested a change to the 'artwork'. The graphic design company is using their own project management methodology, which requires any changes to be notified in writing. As a result, rather than following the Music Album Project's change management approach, the project manager has written a letter asking the supplier to incorporate the required changes. The letter has been filed in accordance with the communication management approach for external correspondence. Is this appropriate, and why?
Q:35-The project is approaching the end of stage 3 and the 'artwork' is taking longer to produce than expected. As a result, an exception report has been sent to the project board. The project board has decided to pursue the recommendation of the project manager to increase the time tolerance for the stage. When should the 'managing a stage boundary' process be used next?
Q:36-Stage 3 is in exception. The project board has requested an exception plan from the project manager, who has triggered the 'managing a stage boundary' process as a result. Which action is optional?
Q:37-Late in stage 3, the project manager has reported that the 'artwork' is going to take longer to produce than planned, and the stage is likely to exceed time tolerance. As a result, the project board has requested an exception plan and also wants to establish the status of the current stage. What action should the project manager take, and why?
Q:38-The project is near the end of stage 3. During initiation, the cost of stage 4 was forecast as £5,000, within the overall project budget of £10,000. The project manager is preparing the next stage plan and has discovered that the costs will be double the forecast. What should the project manager do next, and why?
Q:39-What action should the project manager take during the 'prepare planned closure' activity?
Q:40-Which action should the project manager take during the 'hand over products' activity?
Q:41-Which is a purpose of a Risk Management Strategy?
Q:42-Which is NOT a purpose of the Plans theme?
Q:43-Which is a purpose of the Directing a Project process?
Q:44-Which takes place within the Managing a Stage Boundary process?
Q:45-Which is a type of issue?
Q:46-Which is a characteristic of a project?
Q:47-Which is NOT a recommended response type to respond to a threat?
Q:48-Which is an objective of the Managing a Stage Boundary process?
Q:49-In what process are the project's risk management techniques and standards defined?
Q:50-Which is a purpose of a Daily Log?
Q:51-Which is an objective of the quality review technique?
Q:52-When does the Directing a Project process start?
Q:53-What plan is mandatory?
Q:54-On which environment is PRINCE2 based?
Q:55-Which theme assesses and controls uncertainty within a project?
Q:56-Which of the following is funded from a change budget?
Q:57-Which is an aim of the Starting up a Project process?
Q:58-Which is a responsibility of the Project Manager?
Q:59-Which is NOT a factor to consider when defining management stages?
Q:60-What process ensures that plans for achieving the expected benefits are managed and reviewed?
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