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1) The project manager shifts to an agile approach for a project with an aggressive go-to-market timeline. The project manager needs to revise the stakeholder plan so that it follows agile principles. What should the project manager do to meet this need?


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Project team members are concerned that a new resource does not seem suitable for an assigned task. How should the project manager respond to this concern?

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3) A project manager develops a project management plan and schedule based on an agreed-upon project lifecycle of 16 months. Later, due to changing business requirements, the project manager receives a request for completion within 9 months. How should the project manager respond to this proposed change in timeline?

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During an iteration, Task 1 cannot be completed on time due to unexpected challenges. Another team within the project is depending on timely completion of Task 1 in order to fulfill their part of the project. How should the project manager resolve this issue?

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At a weekly project status meeting, a key team member expresses concerns about the overall approach documented within the project management plan. The Project manager is surprised because the team is in the process of executing an important component of the project and the concern has not been raised before. What steps should the project manager take?

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8) During a meeting, a project manager learns that a business result needs to be delivered in four weeks, although the original plan was sixteen weeks. The project manager also hears that there is no available technical resource who might be able to join the team. The project manager knows the technical resource manager because they worked together on a previous project. What is the first thing the project manager should do?

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9) A team decides that an agile approach fits the needs of the next phase in their project. Unfortunately, there are team members who have not had the appropriate agile training. How should the project manager respond to the lack of agile training?

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10) A project manager believes that a delay in developing a prototype was due to a lack of knowledge in a specific skill that was needed by the cross-functional team. How could the project manager prevent this situation on future projects?


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11) A new project manager joins the project's daily standups, only to find that the project team spends too much time discussing ways to deal with obstructions in the project. Because of these discussions, standups often last well over two hours. What process should be used to deal with this issue?

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12) A customer is not satisfied with the delivered product, saying that it was not what they expected. The project manager is surprised, because the agile development team delivered the product several iterations early. What is one way that the project manager could have avoided this result?

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13) A project manager's team has been efficiently delivering expected results in an environment where budget and scope are fixed. Now, there is an increased demand for new skills due to changes in the market. What can the project manager do to meet this new demand?

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A project team is small and the team members have known each other for a long time. The team's project is in the execution phase. Recently, a team member told the new project manager that another team member has been complaining about how the project is being managed. How should this new project manager respond?

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15) During a highly-regulated project, the project sponsor and a high-level executive have asked for changes that appear to disregard legal requirements. What should be the first step in the project manager's response?

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16) A project manager has multiple projects. One project has new team members and is in its early stages. Unfortunately, the project manager will be very busy executing other projects over the next few weeks. How can the project manager develop the new project team over the next few weeks?

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17) A project manager needs to ensure that the team delivers business value within the required timelines. The manager recently learned that key stakeholders are worried that the current release plan will not meet urgent business needs. What can the project manager do to effectively respond to the stakeholder concerns?

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18) A key stakeholder voices a concern during the planning stage about whether the available resources are sufficient to meet the objectives of the project. The project manager believes that the stakeholder is right. How should the project manager handle this stakeholder's concern?

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19) A project manager notices that one team member seems increasingly unhappy during team meetings. The team member is not making progress on a key work package, and this lack of progress is now impacting the critical path. The team member feels that they are not in the correct role within the project team. What should the project manager do?

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20) A project owner repeatedly complains, saying that a function developed by the development team does not seem to align with the original design. What will help to solve this issue?

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